5 Reasons Why Barcelona's Lionel Messi Will Not Play for Any Other European Club

5 Reasons Why Barcelona's Lionel Messi Will Not Play for Any Other European Club


Lionel Messi and Barcelona have been inseparable for the last 14 years, ever since the Argentine joined the club as a shy 13-year-old. Alongside the likes of Gerard Pique and Cesc Fabregas, Messi grew from boy to man at the club of his life.
Let's take a look at five reasons why Messi won't move to another European club.

Settled Home Life
An often overlooked factor in ensuring a player’s happiness is what is happening away from their place of work. In this regard, Messi has everything he needs to feel comfortable in Spain. His family are settled in Barcelona and the warm weather, beaches and luxury of living in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world all go some way to alleviating stress.

Already the top goalscorer in El Clasico fixtures, the all-time record goalscorer for Barcelona and in La Liga, it's debatable that Messi's records will ever be beaten.
It took 60 years for Telmo Zarra's league scoring record to be broken, and consider it took Messi just 10 years to do it—Zarra took 15 years to get the same numbers.
A legend already for many, another few years at the top will see his club records look even more impressive.

Best Players and Stadium
Being able to run out at every home game on the Camp Nou turf surrounded by up to 99,000 adoring fans chanting your name. It is wonderful awe-inspiring cathedral of football, and the biggest stadium in Europe. Surrounded by players of the highest quality, capable of challenging for honours year in and year out.

Emotional Attachment
In an age where money seems to be the overriding factor for many footballers, the “one-club man” is a dying breed.As Ben Hayward of Goal.com relayed, that one of the best players in history seemingly has no intention of leaving Barcelona is an indication of the emotional attachment that Lionel Messi feels for the club.
Simply put, no European club could come anywhere close to achieving that.

The Main Man
Arguably Messi would be the star attraction wherever he chose to go should the unthinkable happen and he did move to pastures new.But would he have the luxury of having a squad built around him?At Barcelona, every single player that has been brought in since Messi’s debut has had to tailor their own game to fit in with getting the best out of Messi’s.

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